cult! cultural network

cult! is the network organization and advocate for culture houses in Flanders and Brussels. cult! promotes, supports, defends and connects these open houses in their diversity and dynamism. In an ever-changing social context, cult! is looking for targeted solutions to collective challenges together with its members and partners. cult! informs, advises, stimulates and inspires culture houses today and in the future.

our team

Leen Vanderschueren

Leen Vanderschueren

Leen is co-ordinator of cult! With a hands-on mentality and open mind, she defends the interests of this network and is always ready with advice and a listening ear.

Fien Bracke

Fien is our communication and network specialist. Thanks to her critical eye and sharp pen, she always keeps her finger on the pulse of the cultural sector. She is also the glue that holds the network of cult! together.

our members

cult! would not exist without its members. cult! connects a broad, diverse and dynamic network of locally embedded culture houses that spread around Flanders and Brussels. Houses with many rooms who spread art and culture beyond their walls in the community. Houses big and small, houses that are part of a bigger complex. Old, new, high, low, monumental or outstanding in simplicity. Houses with both feet in society, detecting needs. Houses that are shaped through and by the local community, stimulating talent and supporting or facilitating cultural development. All with their own identity and with one communal goal: to stimulate creativity and participation and help live, discover and taste art and culture in all its forms and colors.  


Our board consists of directors of culture houses, combined with experts that rely on their experience to guide us. They determine the direction of cult! and assist the team with advice and expertise. 

Our executive committee exists of Bart De Motte & Wim Vervoort. The other board members are: Jan Bourgeois, Marnix Theys,  Annelies De Graeve, Pedro Oosterlynck, Steven Libbrecht, Katrijn Pauwels, Ivo Peeters, Stijn De Coster and Lies Coppens.


Our partners are key. Occasionally cult! joins forces with other (non-)cultural organizations to fight crime together. Sorry, to face challenges. Expertise is shared and ideas are to be exchanged, to supplement and strengthen each other.

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cult! follows the international scene. cult! stimulates its members to keep an eye on and broaden their international contacts. International prospecting, contacts and cooperation enrich local cultural life.

cult! is a member of ENCC and Culture Action Europe


In an ever changing society, cult! is looking out for new developments. We want to stimulate and challenge our members to innovate. By investing in research and publications, together we gather insights for the future.  

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Since the sixties, cultural centres and community centres are open, pluralistic houses where art and culture is presented, tasted, excercised and lived in all its forms. Professional cultural workers take care of a qualitative offer of stage activities (music, theatre, dance, comedy), exhibitions, courses, schooltheatre, educational activities and projects. Culture houses support and work together with clubs, associations, volunteers and amateur artists and are part of the local cultural policy. Also they offer support and a platform for new or young talent and are a place for artistic creation.

All this time, the culture houses are supported by there association and advocate. As soon as 1975, this organisation was called Fevecc, the Federation of Flemish acknowledged Cultural Centres. In 2001 this changed into VVC, the Association of Flemish Culture- and community centres. And as from 2020 we change again: cult! cultural network was born. Once again ready for our members!